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 The Religious Nuns and Friars of St Roger Abbey work for the poorest of the poor and all those who suffer in their heart or in their body, with no distinction of race, class, gender or creed, in the USA and in their missions overseas, through their soup kitchens, after school programs, food nutrition services to the homeless, schools, orphanages and clinics, along with care to lepers, visits to prisoners and more. 

After the foundation of their Catholic Religious Order, the Friars and Nuns of St Roger Abbey had to provide for their needs and the needs of their missions, and they are not tied with a diocese, they live on the hard labor of their hands, the generosity of their benefactors and of the witnesses of their Works of Charity. 

The means are lacking to attain the aims that they have set for themselves, which are to assist the poor, help families to consolidate themselves, help children to be better fed and educated, and aid the elderly to be more surrounded and loved. 

Since they receive no salary and in order to remain faithful to their vow of poverty, the Nuns and Friars of St Roger Abbey were wonderfully inspired to use their French culinary talents to feed the poor, the humble, those whom society has rejected, the outcast and all those who have to face terrible challenges in their lives. 

Therefore, our Religious people resolved to seek the traditional French recipes, using the best organic ingredients, and applying to obtain official organic certification in the USA for the pastries!

St Roger Abbey's religious people are concerned with the environment, and the harmful consequences on people's health when chemicals are used. 

We cannot sacrifice on the quality of our products, just to secure more revenue margins. The aim of the Nuns and Friars of St Roger Abbey is to provide, through their various charitable activities, hope, love and peace wherever they happen to pass, work or serve others. 

When you purchase from St Roger Abbey, you help a noble cause: which is to provide relief to physical and spiritual misery and to feed the hungry. 

Dear Patrons of St Roger Abbey, thank you!

Thank you for your faithfulness, and may God bless you for your contribution to the relief of our society, that suffers in its material and spiritual needs.

Thank you for helping the Apostle, for you shall receive an Apostle's reward.

Be assured of our grateful prayers.



"I would like the pastries to serve God's glory, but I also would like them to be a nutritious food, both for the small and for grown ups alike."

At St Roger Abbey French Gourmet Patisserie, all the products that are made at the Monastery by our Nuns, are made using Organic Flour, Organic  Sugar and Organic Vanilla Extract and many other good ingredients!

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