Cakes for all occasions, always delicious!!!
All our cakes are made using traditional recipes, and with Organic ingredients.

No artificial flavors or preservative used. Taste the original aroma of our productions and reconnect with a wholesome way of life! Organic is better for your health.


Of course we offer a MUCH WIDER selection of cakes at the physical store, due to the fact many of our Artisan creations are too fragile to be shipped by common carriers...
At The Physical Store, you can also purchase fresh eggs from our Organic WI farm, seasonal chocolate handcrafted goodies such as the Easter Bunnies and Lambs, fragile culinary gourmet montages for Christmas and New Year, and plenty more. Call us for more information: (847) 251-3005 or (815) 923-4350.

Come and see for yourselves!*

Currently, Order Online and get your order shipped to you; you may also ORDER ONLINE and GET YOUR ORDER brought to our WILMETTE, IL STORE for a STORE PICK-UP.

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