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Discover these "small slices of crisp, organic golden bread", known as "biscottes", rich in organic grains. Sweet for breakfast or savoury for lunch and dinner, it is altogether light and nourishing.

Toasts remain the king of French breakfasts for about half of all French people.

Plain or with butter or jam, not to mention cheese; the biscottes just cannot be avoided at the family breakfast or on the fly.

Toasts can't be separated from a delicious coffee, refined tea or even herb tea, not to mention hot chocolate!


Ingredients: organic wheat flour, organic milk, organic butter, organic evaporated cane juice, fresh yeast, organic egg yolk, sea salt.

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Authentic Biscottes Fran├žaises
Toasts can't be separated from a delicious organic coffee of St Roger Abbey
Small slice of crisp, organic golden bread