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STORE-PICK-UP: Organic Mini 3-Chocolate Cake



Organic Mini 3-Chocolate Cake
Ingredients: Organic heavy whipping cream, organic chocolate, organic eggs, organic evaporated cane juice, organic white chocolate, organic milk chocolate, organic apricot fruit glaze, organic milk, organic wheat flour, organic potato starch, organic fruit juice, organic cocoa powder, baking powder (aluminium free), organic vanilla extract, organic rum flavor. 

Description: A layer of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, milk chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse. Literally melts in your mouth!
Dishes, Wares & Props are for presentation only; not included with your Organic Mini 3-Chocolate Cake.

Weight 0.40 LBS
Height 6.50
Width 6.50
Depth 2.00
STORE-PICK-UP: Organic Mini 3-Chocolate Cake